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Celebrating 50 years of Orienteering in North America

 By: NancyS
 Published: Oct 18 2017

On the weekend of Nov. 4-5, 2017, the Delaware Valley Orienteering Association will host a National Orienteering competition in Berks County to celebrate 50 years of orienteering in North America.
The public is welcome to participate in non-competitive beginner courses on Saturday, Nov. 4, starting between 10:30 am and noon at Penn State Berks and Sunday, Nov. 5, between 9:30 and 11 a.m. The event on Sunday will take place on Mt. Penn, with parking at Penn State Berks and a 25-minute bus ride to and from the event. There is a cost to participate. For more information visit and click on the 50th Anniversary event.
Orienteering is a recreational and competitive sport for people of all ages. Using a detailed map as the primary tool and a compass just to stay oriented, participants select and follow their own route between specified points shown on the map. Competitors are individually started at intervals, and are timed electronically on courses of various levels of difficulty, from beginner to advanced.
The first civilian orienteering event in North America was organized on Nov. 5, 1967, at Valley Forge State Park by Harald Wibye, a Norwegian engineer.


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