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Welcome to the BCTV So•Lo ShareItMobile site!

Funding for So•Lo was made possible by the Wyomissing Foundation

Why So•Lo?

So•Lo is the platform to collect and share photo and video of experiences around Berks County − as captured by you, the citizen.

So•lo was started because Berks County´s only nonprofit media organization has a passion for keeping citizens informed and involved. Community media is created by you. You are the eyes and ears. Together we can build a true account of what is happening in our city and towns.

So•Lo is short for Social & Local. There is no one better to share everything about your community − thank you! This is the real Berks County.

After you register you'll be a "Beginner." You will become a "Star" and your posts will be auto-published after you have submitted three reports that we review and publish. BCTV can change roles and rules to achieve status as needed. The level of review is determined by BCTV and can change from time-to-time.

The BCTV staff will also occasionally post "Assignments," asking you to post content on a specific topic or location.

Show the world that you were there.

What´s going on around you?